How to get access to the Swedavia APIs

1. Signup
Go to the Products page and select the product you are interested in. In the detail page for each product you can select to "Add Subscription". After you signed up you will get an email to confirm your account (so check your email spam filter). Only one account is needed for multiple API Products.

2. Register an application (optional, but fun!)
This is done on your account profile page. Green button that says "Register application".

3. Subscribe
Go to the products page and choose a product, then select "Subscribe".

If you're having problems or questions you're welcome to contact us. Se the Contact page for details.

Please note that

  1. Some of our products requires our approval, others are open and you will get access automatically.
  2. If you're using multiple of our API products; Each product has it's own subscription key, so make sure you use the correct one.