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Public APIs

Our developer portal contains three public APIs for flight information, airport information and current queue times at our Airports. 

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Arriving and departing flights to and from Swedavia airports.

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Our destinations and information about restaurants, shops and services at Swedavia.

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Information about Swedavias current security wait times.

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Example of our WaitTime API

  • The WaitTime API offers information about current wait times at the security checkpoints.

  • The endpoint serves the client with wait time information for all the security checkpoints at specified airport.

  • GET https://api.swedavia.se/waittimepublic/v1/airports/{airport}

  • Read more in our Documentation

GET https://api.swedavia.se/waittimepublic/v1/airports/ARN
"id": 15,
"queueName": "Security Terminal 5F",
"currentTime": "2019-10-04T13:58:00Z",
"currentProjectedWaitTime": 7,
"isFastTrack": false,
"terminal": "T5",
"latitude": 59.65191,
"longitude": 17.93351

Partner APIs

Our Partner APIs are limited to specific parties operating at our airports for data exchange.

If you are interested in our Partner APIs, contact us for business or commercial questions, api@swedavia.se



In addition to the regular FlightInfo API, the FlightInfo Operational API contains additional data which could be of interest for ground handling, airlines or any other airport related operator



The passenger tracking API offers information about when and where passengers have scanned their boarding cards.

Our data can create value for you

Swedavia Developer Portal offers you a cost-effective way to package and use information from our data, in your company’s systems, apps, or other digital solutions. This allows you to build and maintain solutions for enabling information exchange between different digital platforms in a smooth and organized manner. If you are a student, you can practice your developing skills while working on new apps and excel yourself in your study.

About Swedavia

Swedavia owns, operates and develops Sweden’s national basic infrastructure of airports. These ten airports form a system that connects Sweden together – and connects Sweden with the rest of the world. Safe, satisfied passengers are the foundation of our business.

Together with its partners, Swedavia creates added value for its customers by offering attractive airports and access that provide smooth and inspiring travel experiences. Swedavia's airports shall be the most important meeting places in Scandinavia, while the Company shall be an international role model in sustainability and a growth engine for all of Sweden.

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Please use the e-mail address api@swedavia.se when contacting us